What is design-build construction?

Design-build construction is a construction method where you, as the customer, engage one full-service, experienced company to handle the entire process, including:

  • architecture
  • engineering
  • budget management
  • construction
  • interior design

All with one team and under one contract.

Did you know most architectural design projects never get built?

The conventional method of beginning a new project is to hire an architect to take your ideas and develop a design plan for contactors to place bids on building. Unfortunately, most individuals spend time and money developing a beautifully designed project only to learn it falls well outside their budgets, timeframe or building constraints.

This back-and-forth process between architects and contactors continues until a modified version of the original plan fits within the allotted budget. This process can take months to complete and cost you thousands of dollars before even beginning the renovation or new build.

Choosing a design-build firm can save you time and money.

The design-build process is one of the fastest growing construction methods in the U.S. The reason is simple: People love saving time and money. In a comparison of more than 351 varied projects ranging from 5,000 to 2.5 million square feet, a Construction Industry Institute and Penn State research study showed design-build projects averaged a 6.1% lower cost and 12% faster completion time. That can add up to tens of thousands in savings and shave weeks – or even months – off your completion date.

Incorporating value engineering in every design.

At Whitestone, we believe innovative design begins with value engineering and balancing form and function. Simply put, our knowledge of materials and construction allows us to consider functionality, cost and time while bringing your vision to life.

“Chris and the Whitestone team did an outstanding job on a large outdoor project which included a complete rebuild of a covered patio and a new pool pavilion.”Whitestone Client